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Wijker, Alyssa (author)
In this report a new approach to (forensic) handwriting analysis is presented; score-based likelihood ratio (SLR) systems are employed and their quality of performance is studied. These systems compare elements of handwriting based on their characteristics and give an insight into the degree of uncertainty of the statement that two writings have...
bachelor thesis 2022
Scheijen, Nelleke (author)
Currently, speaker recognition research is mainly based on phonetics and speech signal processing. This research addresses speaker recognition from a new perspective, analysing the transcription of a fragment of speech with text analysis methods. Since text analysis is based on the transcription text only, it can be assumed independent from...
master thesis 2020
Kool, Fréderique Suzanne (author), van Dorp, I. (author), Bolck, Annabel (author), Leegwater, Anna Jeannette (author), Jongbloed, G. (author)
In the evaluation of measurements on characteristics of forensic trace evidence, Aitken and Lucy (2004) model the data as a two-level model using assumptions of normality where likelihood ratios are used as a measure for the strength of evidence. A two-level model assumes two sources of variation: the variation within measurements in a group ...
review 2019