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Huijgens, H.K.M. (author)
Based on the large amounts spent by software companies to develop new and existing software systems, we argue that an evidence-based approach that focuses on a software portfolio as a whole should be in place to support decision-making. We developed EBSPM as an evidence-based, practical model to support software companies to actively steer at...
doctoral thesis 2018
Huijgens, H.K.M. (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Minku, Leandro L. (author), Lokan, Chris (author)
Context: The research literature on software development projects usually assumes that effort is a good proxy for cost. Practice, however, suggests that there are circumstances in which costs and effort should be distinguished. Objectives: We determine similar-ities and differences between size, effort, cost, duration, and num-ber of defects of...
conference paper 2017