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Chu, Jifeng (author), Iulian Martin, Calin (author), Marynets, K. (author)
We present here exact solutions to the equations of geophysical fluid dynamics that depict inviscid flows moving in the azimuthal direction on a circular path, around the globe, and which admit a velocity profile below the surface and along it. These features render this model suitable for the description of the Antarctic circumpolar current ...
journal article 2023
Wang, Jue (author), Yuan, Weiyi (author), Li, Z. (author), Trofimov, Yuri (author), Lishik, Sergey (author), Fan, J. (author)
Some atrial contractile assist devices applied on the heart surface can be regarded as a laminated Liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) plate under steady temperature loads and a contact mechanical force. An exact solution for the deformation of the laminated LCE plate under combined thermal and mechanical loads is derived by solving the three...
journal article 2022
Bakker, M. (author)
The Dupuit solution for interface flow toward the coast in a confined aquifer is compared to a new exact solution, which is obtained with the Hodograph method and conformal mapping. The position of the toe of the interface is a function of two dimensionless parameters: the ratio of the hydraulic gradient upstream of the interface where flow is...
journal article 2014