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Mortazavi, Nooshinossadat (author)
This work comprises research in the field of Experimental Dynamics. This technique is currently used in the automotive area and is used to enhances the current state of FEM with the inclusive of test- based models. Building test-based models for EDS (Experimental Dynamic Substructuring) requires very accurate measurement, and this thesis...
master thesis 2020
van Haastert, Rutger (author)
The electrification of drive trains in current and next generation vehicles require vibration dampers that possess different dynamic properties than its internal combustion engine counterparts. This makes research in automotive vibration damping a hot topic. Research in this field often contains the practice of Frequency Based Substructuring ...
master thesis 2019
De Klerk, D. (author)
This thesis deals with new methods, which can determine the dynamic response of a complex system identified in operation, based on the knowledge of its subsystem dynamics and excitation. In the first part of this thesis, the identification of component excitation and its transmission into the total system will be addressed. The identification of...
doctoral thesis 2009