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Groot, Mira (author)
Research background<br/>Plastic debris in the environment consists primarily of plastic consumer waste. One of its leading causes is the lack of waste collection systems in developing countries. Actions need to be taken to overcome this issue, and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) seems to be an effective solution for encountering plastic...
master thesis 2021
Vink, Jurriaan (author)
The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is often connected to the Circular Economy (CE). According to policy plans, EPR would stimulate the transition to a CE. This thesis studies the role of EPR in the transition to a CE from an institutional perspective. It utilises a qualitative research approach, combining a literature review...
master thesis 2020
Bellinga, P.B. (author)
This thesis presents an assessment of the economic and environmental effects of Extended Producer Responsibility and No Reuse Policies, by using an agent-based model of Mobile Phone End of Life Networks. Electronic waste of mobile phones is an increasing problem. Governments have reacted by adopting various types of legislation, the most common...
master thesis 2013