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Horsman, Chris (author)
In the worlds poorest regions there exists an urgent need for surgical care. Open fractures, one of the Bellwether procedures, are treated in only 42% of the health facilities in low- and middle income countries. Worldwide, external fixation is one of the most important treatment methods for open fractures, providing immobilization to the...
master thesis 2020
Heerink, Jurrit (author)
This report describes the development process of the pintracker, a product able to prevent and detect pin tract infections for external fixators.<br/>The pintracker is designed in the context of the knee reviver, a medical device able to distract the knee joint. Knee joint distraction is a treatment method of osteoarthritis in the knee joint...
master thesis 2017
Schrijvers, J.C. (author)
Pin tract infection is a prevalent complication in treatments with external fixation. This study focused on the external fixation utilized for the knee joint distraction treatment. In a previous study initiated by the UMC Utrecht 85% of the patients got at least one pin tract infection during this treatment. A pin tract infection is caused by...
master thesis 2015