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CHEN, XI (author)
In autonomous driving, environmental perception, crucial for navigation and decision-making, depends on integrating data from multiple sensors like cameras and LiDAR. Camera-LiDAR fusion combines detailed imagery with precise depth, improving environmental awareness. Effective data fusion requires accurate extrinsic calibration to align camera...
master thesis 2024
ZHANG, Bichi (author)
In recent decades, the field of autonomous driving has witnessed rapid development, benefiting from the development of artificial intelligence-related technologies such as machine learning. Autonomous perception in driving is a key challenge, in which multi-sensor fusion is a common feature. Due to the high resolution and rich information, the...
master thesis 2021
Middelplaats, L.N.M. (author)
In small to medium enterprises (SME), industrial robot arms are not used very much despite the fact that they offer a large potential to increase the competitiveness. The problem is that to be effective in the SME sector, robot systems should be more flexible. To be economically effective a robot arm should be used with multiple different tasks...
master thesis 2014