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Wierling, August (author), Schwanitz, Valeria Jana (author), Altinci, Sebnem (author), Bałazińska, Maria (author), Barber, Michael J. (author), Biresselioglu, Mehmet Efe (author), Burger-Scheidlin, Christopher (author), Celino, Massimo (author), Dintzner, N.J.R. (author)
The principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability (FAIR) have been put forward to guide optimal sharing of data. The potential for industrial and social innovation is vast. Domain-specific metadata standards are crucial in this context, but are widely missing in the energy sector. This report provides a...
review 2021
Boehmer, J.K. (author), Duinker, R.M.E. (author), Bentum, M (author)
Due to the latest funder requirements on data management and Open Data, documenting and managing research data during the research and preparing it for publication gained in importance. Making research data findable and accessible for decades via a trusted and certified data archive – such as 4TU.Centre for Research Data – and therefore enabling...
abstract 2018
van Gelder, Celia W.G. (author), Hooft, Rob W.W. (author), van Rijswijk, Merlijn N. (author), van den Berg, Linda (author), Kok, Ruben G. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Mons, Barend (author), Heringa, Jaap (author)
This review provides a historical overview of the inception and development of bioinformatics research in the Netherlands. Rooted in theoretical biology by foundational figures such as Paulien Hogeweg (at Utrecht University since the 1970s), the developments leading to organizational structures supporting a relatively large Dutch bioinformatics...
journal article 2017