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Krasnov, O.A. (author), Babur, G.P. (author), Wang, Z. (author), Ligthart, L.P. (author), Van der Zwan, F. (author)
The article describes the IRCTR PARSAX radar system, the S-band high-resolution Doppler polarimetric frequency modulated continuous wave (FM-CW) radar with dual-orthogonal sounding signals, which has the possibility to measure all elements of the radar target polarization scattering matrix simultaneously, in one sweep. The performance of such...
journal article 2010
Babur, G. (author)
The thesis consists of two parts. The first part is devoted to the theory of dual-orthogonal polarimetric radar signals with continuous waveforms. The thesis presents a comparison of the signal compression techniques, namely correlation and de-ramping methods, for the dual-orthogonal sophisticated signals. The novel time-frequency representation...
doctoral thesis 2009