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Borst, Sander (author)
We study the problem of finding a temporal hybridization network for a set of phylogenetic trees that minimizes the number of reticulations. First, we introduce an FPT algorithm for this problem on an arbitrary set of t binary trees with n leaves each with a running time of O(5^k*n*m) where k is the minimum temporal hybridization number. We also...
master thesis 2020
Janssen, R. (author), Jones, M.E.L. (author), Murakami, Yukihiro (author)
Phylogenetic networks are important for the study of evolution. The number of methods to find such networks is increasing, but most such methods can only reconstruct small networks. To find bigger networks, one can attempt to combine small networks. In this paper, we study the Network Hybridization problem, a problem of combining networks...
conference paper 2020