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Verdoes, Jesse (author)
The Standard Resort is part of Fashion House, a collective project that speculates on the spatial implications of the future of the fashion industry in five post-industrial cities throughout Europe, collectively referred to as the Red Thread. <br/><br/>This contribution proposes an all-inclusive Valencian beachside resort, The Standard Resort, a...
master thesis 2023
Sun, Fan (author)
This graduation project starts from the big scope of weight stigmatisation on social media. At the beginning of research, primary research about weight stigma and social media was conducted to collect background knowledge and form an initial scope for further exploration. Explorative research was conducted to map out the situation and problems...
master thesis 2020
Wout, P.A.W. (author)
CONTEXT Today’s overconsumption of clothes harms the environment and the people involved in the production. Although (clothing) consumption plays an essential role in society and therefore could not be eliminated, an improvement could be made by: Preventing people from buying items they will not wear. Preventing the industry from producing...
master thesis 2015