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Tajalizadehkhoob, S. (author), Hernandez Ganan, C. (author), Noroozian, A. (author), van Eeten, M.J.G. (author)
A variety of botnets are used in attacks on financial services. Banks and security firms invest a lot of effort in detecting and combating malware-assisted takeover of customer accounts. A critical resource of these botnets is their command-and-control (C&C) infrastructure. Attackers rent or compromise servers to operate their C&C...
conference paper 2017
van Wegberg, R.S. (author), Klievink, A.J. (author), van Eeten, M.J.G. (author)
Fraud with online payment services is an ongoing problem, with significant financial-economic and societal impact. One of the main modus operandi is financial malware that compromises consumer and corporate devices, thereby potentially undermining the security of critical financial systems. Recent research into the underground economy has...
journal article 2017
Tajalizadehkhoob, S.T. (author), Asghari, H. (author), Ganan, C. (author), Van Eeten, M.J.G. (author)
conference paper 2014