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Khakzad, N. (author), Landucci, Gabriele (author), Cozzani, Valerio (author), Reniers, G.L.L.M.E. (author), Pasman, HJ (author)
The propagation of fire-induced domino effects in chemical plants largely depends on the primary fire scenario, on separation distances between the units, and on the presence of fire protection barriers. Passive and active safety barriers are widely employed to prevent or delay the initiation or propagation of domino effects. In the present...
journal article 2018
Khakzad, N. (author), Landucci, G. (author), Reniers, G.L.L.M.E. (author)
The propagation of fire in chemical plants – also known as fire domino effects - largely depends on the performance of add-on passive and active protection systems such as sprinkler systems, water deluge systems, emergency shut down and emergency blow down systems, fireproofing, and emergency response. Although such safety barriers are widely...
journal article 2017