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Li, M. (author)
Europe’s offshore wind capacity is expected to reach 450 GW by 2050, meeting 30% of Europe’s electricity demand. With the increase of installed capacity, the costs invested in O&M will also increase significantly considering O&M cost is one of the biggest contributors to life cycle costs. The improvement of O&M management for...
doctoral thesis 2023
WU, KANGJIE (author)
The research on sustainable energy is growing, among which, wind energy catching growing attention and the potential has been supported by more and more countries. Compared with onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms have more advantages including the abundant wind resource at the offshore location and more possible construction areas. While...
master thesis 2023
Diran, Devin (author)
To convey the energy coming from offshore wind-farms to the end-users, a network of offshore transmission platforms with sub-sea cables is in place, functioning as the supply chain for electricity. This research addresses the development of an optimization model, OptiFleet, which targets the problem of vessel fleet management to perform the...
master thesis 2018