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Bobe, Alexandru (author)
Scheduling is required in almost every industry and when done well it can bring a lot of revenue. Flexibility is often forgotten when creating the initial schedules. Therefore, in case of an unexpected delay, the whole schedule has to suffer. In this paper, we consider a re-entrant flow shop with sequence-dependent setup times and relative due...
bachelor thesis 2022
Jonker, Tim (author), Duinkerken, M.B. (author), Yorke-Smith, N. (author), de Waal, A. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author)
Increasing international maritime transport drives the need for efficient container terminals. The speed at which containers can be processed through a terminal is an important performance indicator. In particular, the productivity of the quay cranes (QCs) determines the performance of a container terminal; hence QC scheduling has received...
journal article 2019