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Vos, J. (author), de Winter, J.C.F. (author), Farah, H. (author), Hagenzieker, Marjan (author)
Although much research is done on speed and gaze behaviour inside curves, there is little understanding of which cues drivers use to anticipate and slow down while approaching curves. Therefore, an on road experiment was conducted in which 31 participants drove through six freeway curves in their own car. During the experiment, look-ahead...
journal article 2023
Vroon, Erik (author)
Drones need to be able to detect and localize each other if they are to collaborate in multi-robot teams or swarms. Typically, computer vision methods based on visual appearance are investigated to this end. In contrast, in this work, a method based on dense optical flow (OF) is developed that detects dynamic objects. This is achieved by...
master thesis 2021