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Platschorre, Arthur (author)
This Bachelor thesis is on Covariant Emergent Gravity (CEG): a covariant formulation by Sabine Hossenfelder of the ideas of Erik Verlinde on gravity as an emergent force. In this work, the ideas of Erik Verlinde are presented as well as the field equations of CEG. The aim of this thesis is to find experimentally verifiable results for CEG. From...
bachelor thesis 2019
Briggs, Damiete (author)
The activities of humans in the marine environment are on a steady rise; this trend follows the exposure of offshore structures and vessels to harsh environmental conditions. On the other hand, there is continuous demand for lighter, faster and more efficient vessels. Technological advancement in composite materials and better design methods...
master thesis 2017
Grobbe, N. (author)
In this thesis, I study coupled poroelastic waves and electromagnetic fields in layered media. The focus is two-fold:<br/>1. Increase the theoretical and physical understanding of the seismo-electromagnetic phenomenon by analytically-based numerical modeling.<br/>2. Investigate the potential of seismo-electromagnetic interferometry.<br/><br/...
doctoral thesis 2016