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Crijns, Lucas (author)
This project aims to recreate intensity patterns using Fraunhofer diffraction as a means of simulation. These intensity patterns are created by phase shifting specific parts of an incoming field of light. These phase shifts are determined by a B-spline surface, which is in turn controlled by so-called control points. Only a handful of control...
bachelor thesis 2021
Imhof, Joost (author)
There exist a lot of methods to find the electromagnetic field behind a lens, so called the forward lens problem. In contrast very few methods can do the inverse, namely finding a lens that would produce a given image or light distribution for a known source. Here a solution to the forward problem, the Fraunhofer approximation, is used to find...
bachelor thesis 2020
Jäger, K. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
We present a mathematical model that relates the surface morphology of randomly surface-textured thin films with the intensity distribution of scattered light. The model is based on the first order Born approximation [see e.g., M. Born and E. Wolf, Principles of Optics, 7th ed. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 1999) ] and on...
journal article 2009