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Garimella, Raman (author), Peeters, Thomas (author), Parrilla, Eduardo (author), Uriel, Jordi (author), Sels, Seppe (author), Huysmans, T. (author), Verwulgen, Stijn (author)
Aerodynamic drag force and projected frontal area (A) are commonly used indicators of aerodynamic cycling efficiency. This study investigated the accuracy of estimating these quantities using easy-to-acquire anthropometric and pose measures. In the first part, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) drag force calculations and A (m<sup>2</sup>)...
journal article 2020
Kalloe, Sudarshini (author)
Including vegetation in flood defense systems has the potential to be a more cost-effective solution than conventional dike reinforcement measures, as vegetation contains wave damping properties. However, more insight is required on the complex physical processes due to wave-vegetation interaction in order to predict the amount of wave damping....
master thesis 2019