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Pashaeifar, M. (author), de Vreede, L.C.N. (author), Alavi, S.M. (author)
This work presents an ultra-compact single-antenna FD/FDD transceivers front-end. It comprises a nonreciprocal circulator, RX, and an integrated power amplifier (PA). In the proposed circulator, we devise a ring quarter-wave transmission line topology with adjusted characteristic impedances to improve TX-to-antenna insertion loss and TX-to-RX...
conference paper 2022
Malotaux, E.S. (author)
To accommodate the growing demand for wireless communications, new techniques are required to increase throughput of wireless networks. One technology aiming to increase the spectral efficiency of wireless devices is full duplex (FD) radios. These systems are capable of single carrier transmission and reception and could ideally double the...
master thesis 2013