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Peters, R.Y. (author), Liu, X. (author)
In tegenstelling tot conventionele radar -en radiosystemen kan de toepas- sing van een Software Defined Radio (SDR) grotendeels bepaald worden in software. Een SDR bestaat uit een RF-frontend, een paar ADC/DAC’s, een FPGA en een host computer. In de hostcomputer en de FPGA kan de functie van een SDR volledig worden geherdefini ?eerd, zonder dat...
bachelor thesis 2011
Godana, B. (author), Barroso, A. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
Radar is an attractive technology for long term monitoring of human movement as it operates remotely, can be placed behind walls and is able to monitor a large area depending on its operating parameters. A radar signal reflected off a moving person carries rich information on his or her activity pattern in the form of a set of Doppler frequency...
journal article 2011
Godana, B.E. (author)
Human activity characterization based on gait signatures is important in several applications including medical, elderly care, police, biometric identification, etc. Cameras and on-body accelerometers are widely investigated for characterizing human activity. Nonetheless, in order to achieve wide acceptance, sensors to be used for these...
master thesis 2009