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Blanco Montero, D.J. (author), Rajo-Iglesias, E. (author)
A wearable version of Fabry-Pérot antenna is presented. This is a simple way of designing a medium-To high-gain antenna with low back radiation. The study of the effect of antenna bending in the performances is presented. Besides, the replacement of a superstrate layer by a metallic frequency selective surface is proposed. In this way, there...
journal article 2018
Blanco, D. (author), Rajo-Iglesias, E. (author), Montesano, A. (author), Llombart, Nuria (author)
We present a practical implementation of a leaky-wave thinned phased array in printed circuit board (PCB) technology. In this paper, we demonstrate that a reduction of the grating lobes, and therefore an improved gain in a thinned phased array, with respect to standard solutions, is achieved by virtue of the angular filtering introduced by a...
journal article 2016
Blanco Montero, D.J. (author), Rajo-Iglesias, Eva (author), Maci, Stefano (author), Llombart, Nuria (author)
journal article 2015