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Waterval, N. F.J. (author), Veerkamp, K. (author), Geijtenbeek, T. (author), Harlaar, J. (author), Nollet, F. (author), Brehm, M. A. (author), van der Krogt, M. M. (author)
Background: Bilateral plantarflexor muscle weakness is a common impairment in many neuromuscular diseases. However, the way in which severity of plantarflexor weakness affects gait in terms of walking energy cost and speed is not fully understood. Predictive simulations are an attractive alternative to human experiments as simulations allow...
journal article 2021
Waterval, Niels F.J. (author), Brehm, Merel Anne (author), Ploeger, Hilde E. (author), Nollet, Frans (author), Harlaar, J. (author)
Background: Patients with calf muscle weakness due to neuromuscular disorders have a reduced ankle push-off work, which leads to increased energy dissipation at contralateral heel-strike. Consequently, compensatory positive work needs to be generated, which is mechanically less efficient. It is unknown whether neuromuscular disorder patients...
journal article 2018