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Hao, C. (author), van Boeijen, A.G.C. (author), Stappers, P.J. (author)
Designing successful products and services that people like, requires an understanding of the context and the aspirations of those people. Over the past decade, a range of methods has been developed to help designers gain such empathy. These have worked well when designer and target user share a cultural context. However, designers often find it...
conference paper 2017
Hao, C. (author), van Boeijen, A.G.C. (author), Sonneveld, M.H. (author), Stappers, P.J. (author)
The value of understanding user needs has been recognized by industry, and user research methods have become an accepted part of industrial design practice. These techniques were originally developed and tested for Western markets, with participants from Western cultures. More recently, companies developing goods and services for the Chinese...
journal article 2017
Zong, Z. (author), Babaie, M. (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
This paper proposes a mm-wave frequency generation technique that improves its phase noise (PN) performance and power efficiency. The main idea is that a fundamental 20 GHz signal and its sufficiently strong third harmonic at 60 GHz are generated simultaneously in a single oscillator. The desired 60 GHz local oscillator (LO) signal is delivered...
journal article 2016