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Sabour, Salma (author), Brown, Sally (author), Nicholls, Robert J. (author), Haigh, Ivan D. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author)
Natural World Heritage Sites (NWHS), which are of Outstanding Universal Value, are increasingly threatened by natural and anthropogenic pressures. This is especially true for coastal NWHS, which are additionally subject to erosion and flooding. This paper assesses shoreline change from 1984 to 2016 within the boundaries of 67 designated sites...
journal article 2020
Wen, Y. (author)
Organic pollution of rivers by wastewater discharge from human activities negatively impacts people and ecosystems. Without treatment, pollution control relies on a combination of natural degradation and dilution by natural runoff to reduce downstream effects. To implement integrated water management for organic river quality at global scale, a...
doctoral thesis 2017