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Milev, Vesko (author)
Concrete and Steel are the materials with the largest market share in the construction industry and have been for a long time.<br/>With environmental awareness increasing, timber is regaining popularity due to the potential for carbon neutral and even carbon negative construction.<br/>Use of structural wood elements in bridges, however, is often...
master thesis 2022
Hüpscher, Juval (author)
As timber is being used for several millennia as construction material, glued laminated timber (glulam), a highly engineered timber product, exists for about hundred and fifty years. In Europe, it is nowadays common practise to make glulam from softwood species, though in the last few decades glulam made from different kinds of hardwoods emerged...
master thesis 2019
Schlotzhauer, Philipp (author), Kovryga, Andriy (author), Emmerich, Lukas (author), Bollmus, Susanne (author), van de Kuilen, J.W.G. (author), Militz, Holger (author)
Background and Objectives: In the near future, in Europe a raised availability of hardwoods is expected. One possible sales market is the building sector, where medium dense European hardwoods could be used as load bearing elements. For the hardwood species beech, oak, and sweet chestnut technical building approvals already allow the production...
journal article 2019