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Vasudevan, S.A. (author), Xu, Y. (author), Karwal, S. (author), Van Ostaay, H.G.M.E. (author), Meesters, G.M.H. (author), Talebi, M. (author), Sudhölter, E.J.R. (author), Van Ommen, J.R. (author)
Molecular layer deposition (MLD) was used to coat micron-sized protein particles in a fluidized bed reactor. Our results show that the dissolution rate of particles coated via MLD rapidly decreases with the increase in number of coating cycles, while the uncoated particles dissolve instantaneously.
journal article 2015
Tahmasebpoor, M. (author), Mart?n, L. De (author), Talebi, M. (author), Mostoufia, N. (author), Van Ommen, R.J. (author)
The effect of surface characteristics on the interaction between nanoparticles and their agglomeration in dense gas suspensions is still not fully understood. It is known that when the surface is covered with hydroxyl groups, the interaction between nanoparticles becomes substantially stronger than in the absence of these groups; this...
journal article 2013