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Vummidi, Narayanee (author)
The gravity field changes associated with the earthquake are analysed using the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) data. GRACE data can track the temporal variations in the gravity field and therefore information on mass redistribution can be achieved. There have been many studies already carried out using the GRACE data to analyse...
student report 2019
Tenzer, R. (author), Hamayun, K. (author), Vajda, P. (author)
We use the CRUST 2.0 crustal model and the EGM08 geopotential model to compile global maps of the gravity disturbances corrected for the gravitational effects (attractions) of the topography and of the density contrasts of the oceans, sediments, ice, and the remaining crust down to the Moho discontinuity. Techniques for a spherical harmonic...
journal article 2009