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Li, J. (author)
Around 10% of the population will have to go through a catheterization procedure for the treatment of a cardiovascular disease at a certain stage of their lives. During such a procedure, smart catheters will be the "eyes and ears" of the surgeons, significantly improving the diagnosis and treatment. However, there have been very limited...
doctoral thesis 2024
Li, J. (author), Naaborg, Jeroen (author), Louwerse, Marcus (author), Henneken, Vincent (author), Eugeni, Carlo (author), Dekker, R. (author)
Our work presents embedded high-density oxide-nitride-oxide (ONO) trench capacitors for power supply decoupling in the next generation of smart catheters. These millimeter-scale smart catheters are using a novel integration platform, Flex-to-Rigid (F2R). In the F2R platform, various functional modules are fabricated or assembled on thin silicon...
conference paper 2020