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El Tawil Hamade, Yara (author), Tran, Minh Tâm Kevin (author), Visschers, Cas (author)
This report provides a design for a new process to make the ammonia-producing Haber-Bosch process more sustainable by reducing its CO2 emissions. It presents different elements of a process design with most importantly; process diagrams, mass and energy balances and a techno-economic analysis. The most important differences in this process is...
bachelor thesis 2022
Boom, Senja (author)
The energy transition is advancing rapidly, and the Dutch electricity grid is changing with it. Increasing shares of variable renewable energy sources create mismatches between electricity supply and demand. These mismatches create a need for large-scale energy storage. Existing large-scale energy storage technologies are pumped hydro energy...
master thesis 2020
Liang, Cheng (author)
The global energy transition from a fossil fuel base energy system to a renewable energy source base system is the key mission for a low-carbon future. The target of CO<sub>2 </sub>emission reduction by 2050, following the Paris Climate Agreement, is 90% compared to the CO<sub>2</sub> level of 1990. Haber-Bosch process is the main industrial...
master thesis 2019