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Vlot, S.J. (author)
In oil supply chains, crude oil needs to be transported from oil fields to refineries, and refined products need to be transported from refineries to regional depots. On land, pipelines are the preferred mode for long-distance oil transportation, because they are safe, efficient, silent, and cheap compared to other modes of transport. Pipelines...
master thesis 2017
Keviczky, T. (author), Borelli, F. (author), Fregene, K. (author), Godbole, D. (author), Bals, G.J. (author)
This paper describes the application of a novel methodology for high-level control and coordination of autonomous vehicle teams and its demonstration on high-fidelity models of the organic air vehicle developed at Honeywell Laboratories. The scheme employs decentralized receding horizon controllers that reside on each vehicle to achieve...
journal article 2008
Meeuse, F.M. (author), Grievink, J. (author), Verheijen, P.J.T. (author), Vander Stappen, M.L.M. (author)
journal article 1999