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Liu, Jiang (author)
In recent years, short-range reliable wireless system with high data rate and low power consumption has drawn sufficient attention and is in great demand in various applications. For biomedical implantable applications such as neural sensing and Brain-computer Interfaces (BCIs), due to the increasing number of sensing channels and elements, not...
master thesis 2022
HUANG, YU (author)
In recent years, implantable neural sensing and Brain-computer Interfaces (BCIs)<br/>have manifested their potential in medical and clinical uses. However, their wide adoptions are impractical without reliable wireless telemetry systems for transmitting recorded neuron activities to external devices.
master thesis 2021
Karunanithi, Visweswaran (author), Rajan, R.T. (author), Sundaramoorthy, P.P. (author), Verma, Maneesh (author), Verhoeven, C.J.M. (author), Bentum, M (author), McCune, E.W. (author)
The inter-satellite link (ISL) in swarm and constellation missions is a key enabler in the autonomy of the mission. OLFAR (Orbiting Low Frequency Array for Radio astronomy) is one such mission where 10 to 50+ nanosatellites are placed in the Lunar orbit and perform astronomical observations from the far-side of the moon. Each of the...
conference paper 2019