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Wahyulaksana, G. (author), Wei, Luxi (author), Voorneveld, J.D. (author), Hekkert, Maaike Te Lintel (author), Strachinaru, Mihai (author), Duncker, Dirk J. (author), de Jong, N. (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author), Vos, H.J. (author)
Assessing the coronary circulation with contrast-enhanced echocardiography has high clinical relevance. However, it is not being routinely performed in clinical practice because the current clinical tools generally cannot provide adequate image quality. The contrast agent's visibility in the myocardium is generally poor, impaired by motion...
journal article 2023
DenariƩ, Pierre-Antoine (author)
Blind Source Separation (BSS), the separation of latent source components from observed mixtures, is relevant to many fields of expertise such as neuro-imaging, economics and machine learning. Reliable estimates of the sources can be obtained through diagonalization of the cumulant tensor, i.e., a fourth-order symmetric multi-linear array...
master thesis 2022