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Couasnon, A.A.O. (author), Scussolini, P. (author), Tran, T. V.T. (author), Eilander, D. (author), Dullaart, J. (author), Xuan, Y. (author), Nguyen, H. Q. (author), Winsemius, H.C. (author), Ward, P. J. (author)
State-of-the-art flood hazard maps in coastal cities are often obtained from simulating coastal or pluvial events separately. This method does not account for the seasonality of flood drivers and their mutual dependence. In this article, we include the impact of these two factors in a computationally efficient probabilistic framework for...
journal article 2022
Scheltes, M.P. (author), Oosterwegel, M. (author), Elzinga, L. (author), Levinson, M.A. (author), Alkema, S.H. (author)
Ho Chi Minh City is flooded on a regular basis due to the lack of flood protection. Plans have been made to protect the city from flooding in the future and therefore a barrier is built at Phu Dinh. This barrier needs to fulfil three requirements. Firstly it should protect HCMC against a flood, as well resulting from tidal waves as from peak...
student report 2016
Van Vliegen, K. (author), Van Oorschot, N. (author), Meinen, N. (author), Van Dijk, S. (author), Reimert, Z. (author)
Ho Chi Minh City has to deal with severe flooding in the rainy season. To prevent the city from this flooding, MARD set up plan 1547. The main idea of the plan is to build a ring dike around HCMC in combination with several movable tidal barriers. One of these barriers is the Muong Chuoi Barrier. In this report a conceptual design of the Muong...
student report 2013