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Genç, Z. (author)
The revolution of Information Technology in our lives has started by changing the way we work and continued with the way we entertain, communicate, interact, learn and so on. The wave of digital change has long been at the doorstep of the home to revolutionize our living experience. The initial attempts to get inside with early home automation...
doctoral thesis 2014
Wang, J. (author)
Networking technologies have been changing the life of people in their private residential space. With the arrival of high definition (HD) multimedia services and broadband communications into the living space, future home networks are expected to support high speed device-to-device connectivity with Quality-of-Service (QoS) provisioning. There...
doctoral thesis 2010
Ölcer, G.M. (author)
Currently, common frequency spectrum is densely allocated and this leads to search for alternative frequency bands. 60 GHz band attracts attention for its potential in future communication. It offers globally available, license-free, very large bandwidth for high data rate communication. At 60 GHz frequency band, severe attenuation of the...
master thesis 2010