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Xue, Fei (author), Yao, Enjian (author), Cherchi, Elisabetta (author), Correia, Gonçalo (author)
Difficulty in finding parking spaces and high parking fees discourage private car usage. Fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) capable of self-parking away from destinations will likely remove this barrier. Despite extensive survey-based research on AVs in recent years, existing literature has not sufficiently addressed the potential impact of new...
journal article 2024
Cebeci, M.S. (author), Tapia, Rodrigo Javier (author), Kroesen, M. (author), de Bok, M.A. (author), Tavasszy, Lorant (author)
The fast growth of e-commerce in urban areas has led to a surge in last-mile transportation demand and an associated increase of external effects: congestion, noise and visual pollution. This paper analyses a new urban freight transport service that has a potential to reduce this footprint: crowdshipping. Crowdshipping is a service where a...
journal article 2023