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Jain, V. (author), Palha da Silva Clérigo, A. (author), Gerritsma, M.I. (author)
In this work we use algebraic dual spaces with a domain decomposition method to solve the Darcy equations. We define the broken Sobolev spaces and their finite dimensional counterparts. A global trace space is defined that connects the solution between the broken spaces. Use of algebraic dual spaces results in a sparse, metric-free...
journal article 2023
Labeur, R.J. (author), Wells, G.N. (author)
A hybrid method for the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations is presented. The ethod inherits the attractive stabilizing mechanism of upwinded discontinuous Galerkin methods hen momentum advection becomes significant, equal-order interpolations can be used for the velocity nd pressure fields, and mass can be conserved locally. Using continuous...
journal article 2012