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Groenenberg, D. (author), Beijnen, L.F.E. (author)
Increase in wind- and solar parks complicate grid stability due to their deterministic behaviour. ENTSO-E established requirements for generators for grid connection in Europe. A requirement is to have active- and reactive power control that implements a power setpoint given by the transmission system operator. This thesis describes the design...
bachelor thesis 2020
Bosch, Rayen (author)
Climate mitigation measures are integrated in various governmental and commercial initiatives. The sector of electrification and energy is no exception to this. For remote island communities however, the access to reliable and affordable electricity comes with additional difficulties. The effects of climate change, energy dependency and...
master thesis 2019
Munthe, A.H.P.N. (author)
In Africa, as a developing region, the introduction of sustainable energy presents an opportunity to provide a large number of people with a better source of energy resulting in a better quality of life while reducing the impact of global warming. Electricity is not available to many communities in Africa because the large capital investment...
master thesis 2009