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The rapid increase in global population and rising demands have resulted in a shortage of clean water, depleting several of the Earth's reservoirs, especially those that reserve fresh water. Just 0.007% of the water on Earth is used to hydrate and feed billions of people, as determined by the water balance of the planet. Water-stressed nations...
master thesis 2023
Goveas, Akhilesh (author)
The rapid growth in world population and increasing demands have led to the lack of fresh water, taking a toll on several of earths reserves, mainly the fresh water supply reserves. Water stress deters economic growth, leads to conflicts and has a direct impact on the health of humans. Studies show the trends in the<br/>increase of water...
master thesis 2020
Jarquin Laguna, A. (author), Greco, F. (author)
The integration of renewable energy sources to power seawater desalination is crucial to mitigate CO2 emissions and to face the increasing challenges that are stressing fresh water resources depletion. In particular wind energy is one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy with a high potential to reduce the seawater desalination's...
conference paper 2019