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Hellinga, C. (author), van Wijk, A.J.M. (author)
For the transition of the built environment towards carbon neutrality, heating with green hydrogen can obtain a key role, especially in countries with a well developed natural gas infrastructure, like the Netherlands. Leading studies show that the existing transport and distribution gas network can be transformed for hydrogen transport at...
book 2021
Erdös, M. (author), Geerdink, Daan F. (author), Martin-Calvo, Ana (author), Pidko, E.A. (author), van den Broeke, L.J.P. (author), Calero, Sofia (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), Moultos, O. (author)
According to the ISO 14687-2:2019 standard, the water content of H2 fuel for transportation and stationary applications should not exceed 5 ppm (molar). To achieve this water content, zeolites can be used as a selective adsorbent for water. In this work, a computational screening study is carried out for the first time to identify potential...
journal article 2021
De Vrieze, Jo (author), Verbeeck, Kristof (author), Pikaar, Ilje (author), Boere, Jos (author), van Wijk, A.J.M. (author), Rabaey, Korneel (author), Verstraete, Willy (author)
The carrying capacity of the planet is being exceeded, and there is an urgent need to bring forward revolutionary approaches, particularly in terms of energy supply, carbon emissions and nitrogen inputs into the biosphere. Hydrogen gas, generated by means of renewable energy through water electrolysis, can be a platform molecule to drive the...
journal article 2020