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ten Dam, J. (author)
The production of renewable chemicals is gaining attention over the past few years. The natural resources from which they can be derived in a sustainable way are most abundant in sugars, cellulose and hemi cellulose. These highly functionalized molecules need to be de-functionalized in order to be feedstocks for the chemical industry. A...
doctoral thesis 2016
Ten Dam, J. (author), Djanashvili, K. (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author)
Screening of four commercial catalysts (Pt/Al2O3, Pt/SiO2, Pd/Al2O3, and Pd/SiO2) and four acidic additives (hydrochloric, tungstic, phosphotungstic, and silicotungstic acids) shows that the combination of a platinum hydrogenation catalyst with tungsten containing acidic additives yields 1,3-propanediol from aqueous glycerol. The performance of...
journal article 2012