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Li, Ze (author)
Subsidence can be observed at various locations in the Netherlands. While it can be due to both shallow and deep subsurface processes, the shallow subsidence is mainly a result from compaction, oxidation and/or groundwater drainage. Moreover, for grasslands on organic soils, in particular pastures on drained peat soils, the vertical position of...
master thesis 2021
Patel, Karsh (author)
The introduction of artificial reflectors in the areas to be imaged by a radar sensor facilitates interferometric analysis over regions of weak coherence between acquisitions. Traditionally, corner reflectors have been utilized; whose strong and stable scattering characteristics make them suitable for these purposes. Such reflectors also provide...
master thesis 2020
Kamphuis, Jurjen (author)
Geodesists use multiple methods to monitor surface deformation. This gives the opportunity to integrate complementary data for better interpretation of deformation processes. The integration of data has to deal with: (1) spatio-temporal differences in sampling methodologies, meaning that observed objects are not the same and thus observed...
master thesis 2019