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Çetin, F.O. (author)
Resources on the Internet allow constant communication and data sharing between Internet users. While these resources keep vital information flowing, cybercriminals can easily compromise and abuse them, using them as a platform for fraud and misuse. Every day, we observe millions of internet-connected resources are being abused in criminal...
doctoral thesis 2020
Asghari, H. (author)
Research in the field of information security economics has clarified how attacker and defender incentives affect cybersecurity. It has also highlighted the role of intermediaries in strengthening cybersecurity. Intermediaries are organizations and firms that provide the Internet’s infrastructure and platforms. This dissertation looks at how...
doctoral thesis 2016
Lone, Q.B. (author), Moreira Moura, G.C. (author), Van Eeten, M.J.G. (author)
ISPs form a centralized point to control botnet infections. However, they do not have enough incentives to invest in mitigation of botnets. In this paper, we propose an approach based on comparative metrics to incentivize ISPs to mitigate botnets.
conference paper 2014