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Schiereck, Arianne (author)
Estuaries support a unique hydrodynamic system due to the fresh water flowing into a salt water sea. This leads to stratification which can significantly alter internal tidal dynamics in the estuary. A model has been developed by Winant (2010) to describe the water motions of a two-layer system in tidal basin. The aim of this thesis is provide...
bachelor thesis 2020
Rozendaal, Marco (author)
Tidal inlet systems are often highly valuable and sometimes even unique ecosystems. However, field measurements show that tidal inlet systems are sensitive to changing exogenous conditions, such as rising sea levels. This thesis aims to investigate to what extent the adjacent sea influences the stability and equilibrium state of the tidal inlet....
master thesis 2019
Meerman, C.J. (author), Rottschäffer, Vivi (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author)
The existence of cross-sectionally averaged morphodynamic equilibria of tidal inlets is investigated, using a cross-sectionally averaged model, and their sensitivity to variations of geometry, deposition parameter, frictional effects and advective sediment transport is analysed. Different geometries, from exponentially converging to...
journal article 2019