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Zhang, H. (author), Karmakar, S. (author), Breems, Lucien J. (author), Sandifort, Quino (author), Berkhout, Marco (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), Fan, Q. (author)
This article presents a Class-D audio amplifier for automotive applications. Low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and, hence, smaller LC filter size are obtained by employing a fully differential multilevel output stage switching at 4.2 MHz. A modulation scheme with minimal switching activity at zero input reduces idle power, which is...
journal article 2020
Zhang, Miao (author)
Class-D amplifiers are widely used in automotive audio systems because of their high efficiency. In modern car sound systems, multiple amplifiers are used to provide good audio effect. However, typical class-D amplifiers have a high idle-power, which can drain the battery quickly. To solve this problem, an ultra-low idle power class-D amplifier...
master thesis 2019
Majzoub, Sohaib (author), Saleh, Resve A. (author), Ashraf, I. (author), Taouil, M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author)
In this paper, we study the impact of the idle/dynamic power consumption ratio on the effectiveness of a multi-V <sub>dd</sub> /frequency manycore design. We propose a new tool called LVSiM (a Low-Power and Variation-Aware Manycore Simulator) to carry out the experiments. It is a novel manycore simulator targeted towards low-power...
journal article 2019