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Viré, A.C. (author), Spinneken, J (author), Piggott, MD (author), Pain, CC (author), Kramer, SC (author)
This study aims at demonstrating the capability of the immersed-body method to simulate wave–structure interactions using a non-linear finite-element model. In this approach, the Navier–Stokes equations are solved on an extended mesh covering the whole computational domain (i.e. fluids and structure). The structure is identified on the extended...
journal article 2016
Viré, A. (author), Spinneken, J. (author), Piggott, M.D. (author), Pain, C.C. (author), Kramer, S.C. (author)
The aim of this study is to validate a fully non-linear finite-element model to simulate waves and wave-structure interactions. The Navier–Stokes equations are solved on an extended domain, which covers both fluid and structure. The latter is represented by a non-zero solid-concentration field, which is computed by conservatively mapping a mesh...
conference paper 2014