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Weinmann, Martin (author), Wursthorn, Sven (author), Weinmann, M. (author), Hübner, Patrick (author)
The Microsoft HoloLens is a head-worn mobile augmented reality device. It allows a real-time 3D mapping of its direct environment and a self-localisation within the acquired 3D data. Both aspects are essential for robustly augmenting the local environment around the user with virtual contents and for the robust interaction of the user with...
journal article 2021
Mostafa, Mohamed (author)
Nowadays, 3D Cadastres and 3D City Modeling is done for a number of applications. The precision of the final 3D products affects the use of it. High Precision 3D data acquisition can certainly support many precision applications such as 3D registration of right, restrictions and responsibilities. The state of the Art sensors and platforms used...
conference paper 2014
Des Bouvrie, S.L. (author)
With the release of RGBD-cameras (cameras that provide both RGB as well as depth information) researchers have started evaluating how these devices can be used in fields of localization, mapping and ubiquitous computing. Intel Seattle Research proposed an indoor mapping algorithm making use of such a camera. The algorithm itself is vulnerable to...
master thesis 2011