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Piccolo, Vincenzo (author)
In the treatment of industrial wastewater, the biological removal of aniline &amp; nitrogen often occurs simultaneously within the hyper-saline water matrix. This study focuses on pioneering the research<br/>on combined aniline-nitrogen removal in a hyper-saline environment. The experimental approach assessed the cause of nitrite accumulation...
master thesis 2023
Van Lier, J.B. (author), Van der Zee, F.P. (author), Frijters, C.T.M.J. (author), Ersahin, M.E. (author)
In the last 40 years, anaerobic sludge bed reactor technology evolved from localized lab-scale trials to worldwide successful implementations at a variety of industries. High-rate sludge bed reactors are characterized by a very small foot print and high applicable volumetric loading rates. Best performances are obtained when the sludge bed...
journal article 2015