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Li, Xiaomeng (author), Kaye, Sherrie Anne (author), Afghari, A.P. (author), Oviedo-Trespalacios, O. (author)
Despite the promised benefits, the introduction of Automated Vehicles (AVs) on roads will be confronted by many challenges, including public readiness to use those vehicles and share the roads with them. The risk profile of road users is a key determinant of their safety on roads. However, the relation of such risk profiles to road users’...
journal article 2023
Argiolu, R. (author), Van der Heijden, R. (author), Bos, I. (author), Marchau, V.A.W.J. (author)
In recent years, a model was developed describing effects of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on location preferences of office-keeping organisations in urbanised. The model is based on a Hierarchical Information Integration Approach, using Stated Preference data. The model indicates that ITS significantly contribute to office location...
journal article 2013
de Feijter, R. (author)
This thesis presents a framework for the control of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The framework implements the transport system as a community of cooperating agents. Besides the architecture and elements of the framework a wide range of infrastructure scene templates is described. These scene templates, ranging from terminal infrastructure...
doctoral thesis 2006