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Tyuryukanov, I. (author)
The vast size of a modern interconnected power grid precludes controlling and operating it as a single object. Subdividing a power grid into a number of internally coherent areas allows to cope with its inherent complexity and to enable more efficient control structures. This thesis focuses on discovering the power system structure to facilitate...
doctoral thesis 2020
Tyuryukanov, I. (author), Naglic, M. (author), Popov, M. (author), van der Meijden, M.A.M.M. (author)
Intentional controlled islanding is a novel emergency control technique to mitigate wide-area instabilities by intelligently separating the power network into a set of self-sustainable islands. During the last decades, it has gained an increased attention due to the recent severe blackouts all over the world. Moreover, the increasing...
book chapter 2018
Karagiannis Kaltsikis, Alexandros (author)
Power systems have undergone major changes the past few decades, leading to an increase in the frequency of occurrence and severity of blackouts. Intentional controlled islanding constitutes the final resort to rescue the system from a blackout by separating the network into islands in a controlled manner. Various post-separation control action...
master thesis 2017